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My name is Lorna, I am the founder of Shaw Care Services Ltd, and my ultimate goal is to provide quality care in the community at affordable prices, because why should good quality care have a private price tag attached.

I have been in the care industry for 20+ years, taking time out from work to further my education, during this time I gained level 3 distinctions in Human Biology, Anatomy, Science and Chemistry, I then went on to study Biomedical Science at Coventry University, as much as I loved learning about all the things that had always interested me, it never changed my love of caring for people, and working in the care industry opened my eyes to areas that I felt I wanted to do differently.

I have provided care not only as a job, but also on a personal level with family members; this has made me very empathetic and understanding of different people’s needs and feelings.

I have experienced working in residential care homes, Nursing care homes and also out in the community, one of the main things that really stood out to me when working out in the community was how little time was actually spent with the client, this was something that I wanted to change and so with this in mind, along with other factors, I decided to become a self-employed private carer. This was back in February 2018 and now here I am aiming to provide the quality care that all clients deserve.

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There are many reasons why care can become a necessity, and finding the right care for you and your needs can be a daunting task to undertake, we would like to help and can promise that we will always do our very best to make sure that your care needs are met and are satisfactory. Here at Shaw Care we provide quality care at affordable prices, and these prices are not increased when it’s a bank holiday or on any other holiday, we don’t believe in penalising you for still needing care on these occasions. Health conditions and age related deterioration don’t stop just because it’s a bank holiday, so please be assured that care will always be there at no extra cost.

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Here at Shaw Care, we endeavour to provide you with all of your care needs, we understand that sometimes seeking help from a care company can be daunting, and always raise questions like; ‘will I get the help that I’m asking for?’ ‘Will I feel like a burden?’ and ‘will I be rushed, and so, feel wrong for needing help?’  We will never make you feel like you’re wrong for needing help, we will always make sure that each visit is satisfactory to you; we will never make you feel like you’re a burden to us, our aim is to make sure that all of your needs required to be met during our visit, and that, you, the client, are happy and comfortable before we leave.


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Lorna is PA to my husband, who is struggling with life after being diagnosed with mixed Dementia. Lorna has shown nothing but kindness and understanding of his very complex issues. Lorna gives constant support to him to enable him to live his life as normally as possible and still be able to function within the community. The job is very demanding and requires great patients, which Lorna consistently displays. My husband’s life would be very different without her, as a family, we cannot praise Lorna Shaw enough.

Gail Taylor-Marriott.

Facilitating my father’s needs solely on my own volition was a daunting task. Shaw Care’s work has made an invaluable positive impact on both my father’s and my own wellbeing. Shaw’s professionalism, compassion and overall dedication have enabled my father to continue his day to day life. A key quality worth highlighting of Shaw’s practise is their trustworthiness.

Nathan Taylor-Marriott

Lorna is the carer for my mother who suffered a stroke last year. For a few months we used a large care company who sent different carers every day with no consistence on times or personnel. Luckily we found Lorna who runs ‘her own small care business locally, she herself does most of mothers caring twice, every day, morning to get her out of bed and into the living room and all that entails, and night time back into bed and made comfortable for the night. She has developed a close relationship with my mother and goes the extra mile to ensure all her needs are met. Lorna fully supports mother and keeps her twice daily visits punctual so mother knows when she is arriving, mother likes to ‘help’ Lorna by doing what little she is able to. After mother’s major stroke in May 2019 at age 88, a personal touch, as Lorna provides is essential for my mother. The little touches gives mother the will to enjoy her life as much as is now feasible.

John Howarth 24/01/2020

After being in hospital for weeks after suffering a stroke, which took my right side, my arm and my leg seemed useless, when I got back home and only had my eldest son to help me, who has health issues of his own, he found Lorna as a carer and she is a very kind person and has helped me such a lot, she seems to be always cheerful and so very helpful to me at all times, she has brought me on no end, if she had not been my carer, I would not have learned to stand or been able to take a few steps, she keeps me happy and I feel more positive, it’s fantastic.

Mrs Joy Osbourne

I have used Shaw Care for over a year now, and have been very pleased with the care and service I have received. The care is for my husband and I have found that he has always been treated with respect and kindness. He always looks forward to seeing them.


My husband is totally disabled; bed bound, doubly incontinent, cannot move unaided, cannot feed or drink himself, and has been this way for over 4 years. During these years we have had numerous problems with carers/care companies and I was at my wits end towards the later part of 2019, then a leaflet came through my letterbox, I rang the number, Lorna came to see me the next day and our lives have been changed. I am so sincerely grateful that Lorna came into our lives, it seems our paths were meant to cross and be joined, and I simply do not know what we would do without her and her care team. S; Supportive H; Honest A; Approachable W; Wonderful C; Considerate A; Attentive R; Reliable E; Efficient.

Michael and Sue Burton

I have nothing but gratitude that Shaw Care have given my mum over the past 18 months. Mum has had help with her morning and sometimes her evening care too. I trust the completely and they are more like friends than carers. Helping mum to be as independent as possible as her mobility isn’t too good. Keeping mum happy and giving me peace of mind that my mum who is 95, is in safe hands.

Sue Munday